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Precision Tooling

Injection Moulding

Product Assembly & Finishing

Foil Blocking

Tampo Printing

Screen Printing


Tool making – our tooling capacity is medium sized with 3d cnc milling machines. Spark erosion and the more conventional skills of tool making backing these. We also have a wide range of ancillary machines. These tools are usually made from very high grade aluminium. This covers the full spectrum from flat plate moulds to more intricate tools including multipoint manifold fed cavities. Steel tooling is always an option for very long life tools. all tools are polished to a very high standard in house.

Injection moulding – the company has 15 injection moulding machines ranging in size from 50 to 800 tonnes.

Assembly & finishing – the assembly and finishing department is extensive and within it we are able to offer, heat bending and spraying. all projects are carried out to a high standard.

Also available to us are foil blocking, tampo printing and screen printing.

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